Empowering Questions Cards

Empowering Questions Cards


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The Original Deck from Sunny Present: The Empowering Questions cards.
The deck consists of 52 colourful and beautifully illustrated cards designed as helpful tool for mindfulness and meditation, introspection, journalling, therapy and counselling. The Empowering questions cards are here for you to empower you and help you see how what you truly are and truly want in life. 


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The Empowering Questions deck consists of 52 beautifully illustrated cards with powerful introspective questions. The questions in the cards are aimed at helping you get to know yourself better by initiating powerful inner self talk. The sometimes challenging questions are designed to unlock mental blocks and help you overcome difficulties. The questions will allow you to start a deeper inner conversations, build positive thought patterns and a peaceful attitude to life. Through examining yourself, you can unlock your hidden energy, embrace your inner strength and gain self-confidence. 

The deck includes a range of questions that can help individuals reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and how they relate to the world around them. These questions are based on mindfulness theory, which is a psychological approach that involves paying attention to one’s thoughts and emotions in a non-judgmental way and accepting them as they are.

By using the deck regularly, individuals may be able to increase their self-awareness, gain insights into their own thought patterns and behaviours, and develop greater clarity and focus. The deck may be particularly useful for individuals who are seeking to improve their emotional intelligence, enhance their personal development, or cultivate a more mindful and present-focused mindset.

The Empowering questions cards are here for you to empower yourself and help you see how limitless your life can become.  You may feel powerless to achieve the life you dream of  or you may have lost sight of who you are or what you want from life. The Empowering Questions cards will help you examine yourself, your life and your goals, strengthen your determination and improve your agency in life.

Some professionals who may find this type of card deck to be a useful tool include:

  • Mental health professionals, such as therapists, counselors, and psychologists
  • Health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and social workers
  • Coaches, consultants, and other professionals who work with clients on personal development or well-being
  • Educators, including teachers, school counselors, and other school staff who work with students
  • Human resources professionals and workplace wellness coordinators who support the personal and professional growth of employees

These professionals may use the card deck as part of their work with individuals or groups, or they may recommend it to clients or students as a self-help tool for reflecting on their own associations to life. The deck may be particularly useful for professionals who are interested in incorporating mindfulness and self-exploration into their work with clients or students.

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4 reviews for Empowering Questions Cards

  1. Monica S. (verified owner)

    I picked up these cards as a recommendation from my therapist. The lovely and soothing backgrounds are a nice touch to the deeply probing and bone chilling questions such as “Who am I when I’m alone?”, “What is my purpose in life?”.
    These are thought provoking, insightful, and deeply horrifying on a level I can’t convey if you don’t already suffer from existential anxiety. A+! (originally reviewed on Amazon)

  2. Vivian (verified owner)

    I am a clinician in an inpatient psychiatric hospital and I facilitate a weekly processing group. I bought these cards and started using them with my patients in this group. The patients love the questions, they start a fantastic dialogue, and the patients have really been able to connect with their peers, and support and encourage each other when a patient has difficulty finding any positives in their life at that time. I highly recommend these cards-they have changed the groups in such a positive way and it is wonderful to watch my patients work through these very thought provoking questions together.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  3. Alice M. (verified owner)

    I use these cards for hospital-based (adult) group therapy. They have been amazingly helpful in promoting and motivating discussion, even among those patients who don’t always engage well in the group situation. A few of the card questions are worthy of a stand-alone group in and of themselves.

    An added bonus is that the cards are quite attractive and a bit thicker and sturdier than others I’ve used in the past. They can be sanitized for infection-control issues without damaging them. (originally reviewed on Amazon)

  4. K. Sharitt (verified owner)

    I cannot express how much I have loved these little cards. Helped me with my resolution to journal every day and I’ve learned things about myself. Plan to give them to everyone I know. (originally reviewed on Amazon)

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