Sleep Tight Cards

Sleep Tight Cards


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These bedtime meditation and mindfulness cards propose 45 different choices from which you can draw, with helpful, guiding exercises that will help relax yourself and ease the falling asleep process.

Relax your body & mind.

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The Sleep Tight Cards deck has 45 different exercises specially designed to help you relax your mind and body as you prepare to fall asleep. The exercises are based on Mindfulness-, visualization- and relaxation techniques. If falling asleep is a struggle, and at worst takes hours, the exercises on on the Sleep Tight cards are bound to help.
The exercises are designed to help you relax and clear your mind of worries. Some of the cards are aimed at easing the anxiety of the mind while others are geared at helping you relax your physical body. Long term use should result in overall faster and more effective falling asleep.

How to use:
After your bedtime preparations, get into bed as you would normally. Pick a card and do the exercise on it. Give yourself a few minutes to do each exercise. Pick another card if you haven’t yet fallen asleep.

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4 reviews for Sleep Tight Cards

  1. Tasha (verified owner)

    I was sceptical at first but when I routinely did them befor bed they seem to help
    (originally reviewed on Amazon)

  2. Christina (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these with clients at work and they seem to be a big hit! I let clients pick 2-5 cards, make copies, and then send the copies home with them! It’s also a great way for the client to take note/mark which cards worked for them and which ones didn’t!(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  3. Teresa (verified owner)

    These cards are great to get yourself quiet and centered. Great grounding techniques. Over time, with practice these techniques could be used in other situations.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

  4. Whitney (verified owner)

    I have always struggled with quieting my mind before bed, and I like trying a different card each night to mix things up. They’re cute little exercises, this deck would make a thoughtful gift with a sleep mask.(originally reviewed on Amazon)

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